July 24, 2011


Saturday morning dawned with beautiful skies and moderate temperature. (The storm on Friday night helped cool the air down.) When we arrived at Centennial Park we were overwhelmed by the number of people milling about. By the start of the race there were 317 registered participants......WOW is all I can say. Of course the faster runners were at the front of the pack while the walkers brought up the rear. That would be me.

Ashley & Carolena were wearing the #1 bib. Everyone really enjoyed seeing C running with her mom and let me tell you they kicked butt. 40 minute finish for Ashley's first 5K. That is amazing. They are sorta kinda TV stars after the shots they did last week on the local news channels. What a boost that was to the event and I think probably brought out a lot of people who would not have known about it otherwise. They really did a great job.

Kevin and the boys started off running with Ashley and C. Poor Kyle was diagnosed with strep throat on Friday and was on antibiotics. He didn't feel like running/walking the entire race and road in a wagon for a bit. But he did run across the finish line. Todd decided to ride in the wagon for a while as well but he had run most of the race. Kevin left him with a friend so that he could catch up with Ashley & C for the finish. Not sure if he made it with across the finish line as I was......still walking.

Paige pushed Baird in a stoller and I think walked instead of running but they were still ahead of me and finshed in good time. She was walking with a good friend and her daughter. Me....still walking when they finished. Phil was actually shooting pictures and didn't actually start running when the horn sounded. I didn't know he was shooting pictures and was baffled when I saw him pass me as I started off walking. Now all of you, who know Phil, know that he is an avid runner and has done several marathons/ironman events. I am not even halfway through the course when who do I see coming back to the finish line? You guessed it...Phil and Zane. Phil ended up 3rd in his age group and Zane won first place for "walkers" :)

I can tell you I did not finish last. Came in about 3 minutes under an hour which is pretty good for me. There was a bridge on the course and believe me when I tell you it seemed like a mountain. When I got almost to the top going out I was thinking to myself....well, I was thinking what was I thinking??...that I was not going to make it. But then, I thought, I want to do this for my precious little girl with hope in my heart that one day she will be able to at least walk,if not run, a 5K herself.

My heart is so full tonight with the knowledge that so many people are lifting prayers for Carolena and all of our family. I know the money raised by this event will help defray medical expenses and that is so important but the love and caring of so many has certainly given a boost to our family. Special thanks to DeAnne and Terri........you are really special ladies.

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Laura McCann said...

Pat, I am so thrilled it all turned out well and humbled and awed by the support from total strangers! It has renewed my faith in mankind and the goodness of people. Growing up in the south, I expect when disaster hits a large number of people that others respond because of the urgency and widespread need. I was amazed at the outpouring of concern and the volume of participation provided by people who don't even know our family, but they wanted to help Carolena. I am still in tears when I think of it. Good tears, tears of joy. Just so thankful for the boost given by these kind and generous people. Words seem so inadequate...