July 6, 2009

Addendum to Fort D Trip

How in the world could I not include the final day of our visit? All the McCann kids were down at GGs until late afternoon when they left to go to swim practice and whatever else they had to do. Kyle loved hanging out with Micah and Aaron; Todd decided Gracie was his and Jasmine was icing on the cake and Zane just fell in love with Callie.

We all went out to Aunt Janet's/Uncle Steve's for a visit. The boys all love going out there where they can run around while we sit outside and watch them. Most of the puppies had to stay in the house while we were there....Todd is still really afraid of dogs and it is easier to separate them.

The boys ended up falling into (and then jumping into) the little kiddie pool that J keeps for the dogs to drink from. No swimsuits.........just shorts and T-shirts. The big boys had to travel back to Fort D naked with beach towels wrapped around them. Zane did not get as wet but was a dirty little kid nonetheless. Had to do some laundry when we got back to GG's house. Boys got a bath and stuff in the ears before they could eat dinner. They went to sleep almost before they got in bed.

I got stung by what we can only speculate was a hornet?? GG says that wasps don't leave stingers behind and Mr. Willie did find one in my face. So, I took benedryl and GG applied a soda paste to my face and I passed out on the couch....benedryl makes me really sleepy. I think the sting triggered an allergic reaction that caused me to have laryngitis BUT the face is OK....I just can't talk really well right now.

FUN WAS HAD BY ALL.............Uncle Steve you are a bad influence but they do all love you and of course they love the Kubota rides!!

Pappi and the Boyz

What a great trip to Alabama. My 3 traveling companions could not have been better travelers. Many people thought I was crazy to take a 5 year old, 4 year old and 19 month old on a long trip.....all at one time but hey, they just don't know what precious angels my boys can be.

We arrived late on Saturday and got a good night's sleep. Sunday it was church day and we got to see lots of friends and family and I got to show of my little guys. There were 3 trips to Montgomery while we were there: We visited Aunt Linda in the hospital before she was moved back to CH; visited Aunt Ellen/Uncle Tommy W....she made homemade strawberry ice cream...yummy..and Todd grazed his way through all the fruit in the refrigerator; then I took G'daddy back up for a doctor visit.

On the way back from seeing Aunt Ellen we stopped @ Publix to pick up some groceries so we were late, late getting back to Fort D. I didn't want to let them go to sleep so I was telling them about the time I lived in Montgomery, where I worked, where I went to school, the Air Force base, etc. During a little break in my tour guide program Kyle leans up and says "Pappi, are you talking to yourself???" After I stopped laughing I continued my tour guide speech. Further down the road Todd tells me his stomach is asking for junk food (apparently he was hungry). They crack me up!! We marked the heights of all the boys on THE DOOR and all of them have grown many inches since the last time they were measured. Not sure who is going to inherit that door but it will always be treasured.

Zane warmed up to GG by day two and let her rock him to sleep a couple of nights. He gave GG'daddy kisses good night and would tell him "nite nite". Everyone loved his antics and they found out what a sweet little boy he is. He had a couple of displays of temper but we all just laughed at him and he would end up laughing with us.

I really miss them tonight and find myself listening for them. I hope my big kids really do understand how much it means to me that I get to take their little ones on these trips. We have such a good time and I love the one on one time with them. Can't wait until the next trip!!