April 17, 2010

QW for Second Time this Month: Lucky Me

Had wanted to have all my boys down here for the weekend with me but that didn't work out as I had hoped. But I have sweet Zane with me and we have had a lot of fun. It's kinda overcast today and the Weather Channel is saying it will rain and it's supposed to be worse tomorrow so we might pack it up and go on back to Fort Myers later this afternoon. Might be better for Z too as we will be traveling up to Clearwater tomorrow so that PG can pick him up to travel up to Tallahassee. Would break up his trip and the most time would be done. About 4-1/2 hours from here to FM and then another 2 to Clearwater. He gets to stay with his mama next week and I know they both will enjoy that.

QW is beautiful as ever and I so love being here........rain or shine. Had some business to do downtown yesterday then we went to Publix and picked up groceries before coming back home. The fish off the dock loved that Z was feeding them bread. We got to play around in the yard a bit, no iguanas in sight, and then we went to KMart to get some beach shoes for Z (hope we get to use them today). Zane loves riding by the airport to see the planes and helicopters. Had dinner at Annette's (Nemo is back and has a friend with him) and back home for a good night's sleep.

Okay, now it is raining outside so we have to go to Plan B for our day. Oh well.....it's still great to spend the day at my beautiful QW.