July 17, 2011

The Week After Vacation

Usually the reason the week after vacation is hard in that I don't want to get back to work....not just yet please. But last week was a challenge that beats all the other weeks after vacation. Monday I developed laryngitis and could not speak for 3 days. By Thursday the laryngitis was better but I had a terrible cough that was just kicking my butt. Finally went to the doctor on Friday and got some antibiotic and a cough syrup (good stuff....puts me to sleep) Still not feeling 100% and the cough is still there but much better today. Thank goodness!

Not feeling well made me miss the Little Crackers Fishing Tournament at Useppa this weekend. I really wanted to go see my grandsons catch some fish. I know it must have been fun. Useppa is a great place to visit and for the most part looks like "old" Florida. The houses were built some years ago, there are no cars and the vegetation is just beautiful. I surely missed being able to make the trip this weekend.

Next weekend is the RACE for C 5K in Fort Myers. Have to be feeling better to be able to walk that 3.1 miles for my baby girl. Hopefully I can get out this week and walk....

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