September 7, 2008

Shades of 2004 Storm Season

Looks like a storm freight train coming at us across the water from Africa. The latest one (Ike) is scary. I don't wish bad things on the Cuban people but I continue to have hope the storm will move further south and not hit the Keys too badly. We did all the prep we could do before Gustav and it will stay that way until this storm season is over. All we can do now is pray there are no injuries/deaths and our homes are not damaged.

Because of the storms, the weather in the state of Florida is hot and HUMID. Paige, Ashley and I went to Gainesville yesterday for the UF/Miami game. You would think an 8:00 pm start time would mean that the stadium would be cooler. Oh, but no!! I don't ever remember being that hot in my life. The Swamp is built partially below ground level and with all the new seating added in the last few years there is very little chance of a breeze making it's way into the stadium easily. Yesterday there was NONE and I do mean none. I can tell you right now that this lady did not just glisten yesterday, she was sweating big time. It was really hard to stay hydrated but we did OK. It was a late night for us as we got back to Clearwater about 1:30 this morning. The girls left about 9:00 this morning for home. It has been a while since I spent this much time with just the girls and me. I certainly enjoyed it.

Kevin took Kyle & Todd to Tally yesterday for the FSU game. It was scheduled to kickoff @ 6:00 pm. Unfortunately the game was lightning delayed not once but twice. Poor guys didn't get to see any football but I can be almost assured they had a good time anyway. Phil was also doing a little father/son bonding time this weekend. He kept Zane in Fort Myers while Paige came up for the game and overnight. They went to see a baseball game Saturday night. Phil was a real trooper as Zane had an upset tummy during the nightand threw up 4 times .Paige said he was OK when she got home this morning......both Zane and PG!

It's been a lazy day for me. Went to church this morning and then came back and washed all the bug guts off my car. I hate to leave the bugs on it for very long as it damages the paint and did I ever kill a lot of them on the back roads last night. But I also hate to wash my car......I don't know why I dislike that chore so much but I do. I think my car wash man, Steve, will be washing Nonni in future. Also, lots of laundry to catch up on with all the traveling I have done in the past week. Could be a busy week next week if Ike turns into Florida. Surely hope that doesn't happen as our insurance market will go crazy again.

It's going to be a very uneasy next 2 or 3 days as we watch the progress of Ike.