June 18, 2009

Is it really mid-June already??

The first six months of 2009 has just flown by. It has been crazy busy at work and I have been traveling a bit with trips to Fort Lauderdale, Chicago and Dallas to visit clients. Was able to work in one trip home to the Keys for 4 days which was just plain relaxing and I look forward to my next trip south. And lots of trips to Fort Myers to visit the kids.

Todd is now 4 years old and such a big boy with a new bike that he can ride with no training wheels! Kyle is out of school for the summer and is going to get to do some fun things but other days will be completely bored spending time with the parents at work. Zane is 18 months old and is saying so many words. He has also learned some sign language to help us understand what he is trying to convey. I am taking the 3 of them with me to Alabama in a week or so. We are going to visit the GGs for a few days. Thank you mamas and daddys for letting me have the kiddos for the trip. These trips are so special to me....and so much fun.

Bad storms have moved through the Bay area the last couple of days. Fortunately, we have not had the bad lightning or hail where I live but we could use some of the rain. It is so dry here and there is a big brushfire up north of us which has the air all smokey. Apparently it was caused by a lightning strike.

Tomorrow is going to be jeans day at work for me. I have had to wear business dress 3days this week for client meetings so I need to be comfortable tomorrow to get organized and get some of the backlog cleared out. Probably has to work Saturday as well to try to get everything done before my big trip.