February 26, 2008

Old Friends Reunion

We are supposed to have 30 degree weather here tonight. Brrrrrrr The cold front moved through with lots of clouds, some rain, and strong winds. Now there is loud thunder. Should warm up by the weekend.

A little group of old friends had a reunion today at lunch. Wanda H, Shirley B, Marcy V, myself and Cynthia. It has been 24 years since I saw Marcy and about 6 years for Wanda. We did a fairly decent job of "catching up" but lunch went by just way too fast. All of us worked at Bouchard so many years ago it is scary to think how long.

Last evening I went to Ruth Eckerd Hall with a friend to see a folk dance troupe. I expected to see something like River Dance but it was way more than that. The troupe is all Russian and the dances ranged from Gypsy to Greek, Argentinian to Russian plus so much more. It was spectacular. I had forgotten how much I enjoy attending shows.

So what do I do the rest of the week to keep pace with the excitement of the past two days? Good question. Well, at least work is not boring with all the renewals we are working on right now. That should keep me busy.

February 24, 2008

Pictures of My Boys!

Here are pictures of my extremely handsome grandsons.

Thanks to my darling daughter, Paige, I now have a new lease on blogging!

February 11, 2008

The Wedding Weekend

I was thrilled to be asked to accompany Master Zane to Tallahassee this past weekend so that he and I could hang out while his Mama and Pops attended a wedding. It was a great weekend and the activities were enjoyed by all.

One of the highlights of my weekend was watching Peegie and Paige show off their beautiful son to the many friends they have in Tally. There was much kidding going on from Peegie's ex co-workers but mostly I think they were in awe seeing Peegie with Zane. There were compliments all around: what an adorable baby, good job Phil and Paige, never thought we would see this day, etc. etc. So many of us knew they would be good parents long before they knew it.

It was fun for me to see people that I had met a couple of times before and get reacquainted. It was nice of Ryan and Kylene to include me in the party festivities. It was a little chilly and I am glad I took my coat as everything was mostly outside. You can tell that Springtime is just around the corner up there. I would like to visit Paige while she is in session just to see the dogwood and azaleas in bloom. I expect it will be beautiful.

February 2, 2008

The Last Week of January 2008

It has been a somewhat difficult week at our office. Apparently we are still under budget constraints and we have been told that once again this year we will not be seeing any increase in salary. It is very disheartening as personal expenses certainly don't "freeze" so everyone has to tighten the belt just a little more. But I am very thankful that I have a job that I can enjoy working with a team that I like and can respect. Unfortunately we are going to lose some of our staff due to corporate's decision to send certain aspects of our business offshore to India and that makes me sad and a little angry. We hear that this country is sliding into a recession, people are being let go from jobs with no real prospects for a new one on the horizon (next step is filing for unemployment)and we all need to spend money to shore up the economy. Huh?? When you send work offshore to another country which eliminates jobs how can you expect people to feel much like spending money? People everywhere are holding on to what they have in fear their job might be the next to go.

My wish for 2008 is that our country will rebound in a positive way. The people of the US are the smartest in the world and we are founded on great principles. Go USA.