May 19, 2008


I spent last week taking care of my two oldest grands and it was sooooooo much fun. We spent a couple of days at Quiet Water chasing poor little land crabs and looking for iguanas. We walked down to the beach each day and had such a good time playing in the water. At low tide there is a sandbar that is perfect for kids to play safely. We had to buy some water shoes though as this is a natural beach and even though it has been cleaned up there is still glass in the water. One day there was someone there doing kite surfing and Kyle was just fascinated. He and Todd both wanted to go get a machine that beeps to find coins in the water (lots of people out with metal detectors).

In all my infinite wisdom I bought the boys some kid scissors to cut designs out of paper. BUT because we had been talking so much about them needing haircuts they decided to tackle that job themselves. We visited Robert @ Headhunters in Marathon who did a great job cleaning up the bald spots in their hair after they played barber.

The boys both loved having lunch at Herbie's. They had hot dogs (just like their mama used to order) and lemonade. The waitress came over and sat down with the boys and talked to them about her own little boy who is in school in Marathon. We visited Annette's for dinner and the boys were so good they got compliments from lots of the other people there on what well-behaved little boys they were........... I was so proud. And of course we had to visit Nemo in the aquarium. The boys don't know it but that is not the same Nemo that was there before. If they don't hide well enough they get eaten by the big puffer fish who has lived there for 6 years!

We came back to Fort Myers on Wednesday so I could have my hair cut by Deanne the next day. We brought Auntie Paige and Uncle PG some key lime pie from the Blond Giraffe. We got to hang out with Auntie Paige and Zane for the rest of the week. What a sweet baby and boy is the personality beginning to show with all the smiles and laughing. He is eating cereal now. Actually scarfing it down! He is so cute to watch.

It was hard for me to leave Fort Myers. I had such a great week. Today at work was about as I expected it to be. It's always hard to come back from a vacation. But Memorial Day weekend is this next weekend. Yahoo!!

The only concern during the whole week was that my daddy had to go into the hospital with what has been diagnosed as gall stones. Today the doc told him and mama they want to remove the gall bladder later this week. My sisters and brother are taking good care of everything up there and making sure mama gets her rest. Thanks and love to all of you.