July 6, 2011

Our Wednesday

Well as I said in my previous post it was rainy when we woke this morning. We had breakfast and hung around QW until we decided to just chance a trip to KW. And did we ever make the right decision.

A first ever for me. As we were passing through Big Pine Key a key deer ran in front of my car, not once but twice. Thank goodness I saw it soon enough to stop. The closer we got to KW the more sunshine we saw and by the time we parked the car and started our KW day the sun was out in full and no rain anywhere. First stop was the Conch Train Station and we happened to get there just as the train was departing so no wait. And, persons under 12 ride free:) The boys loved the train and I think they learned a lot today about old KW. K had a map open the whole ride and was showing me where we were as we crossed each street. Z fell asleep after about 45 minutes and T nodded off a few minutes later but both woke up when we stopped for a 10 minute break. Made a potty visit, grabbed some lemonades/water and back on the train for another 30 minutes.

After the train ride we visited the Key West Toy Factory. A kid's dream come true. Really a great place to take kids when they are hot and tired as it is cool inside and reminds me of FAO Swartz with all the toys/games/books they have. Peps them right back up again. And if you make a purchase (and you know I did) each child receives a token for an ice cream cone at the downstairs ice cream shop.

No visit to KW is complete without visiting the Kino Sandal Factory and IT WAS PACKED this afternoon. We didn't stay there long as it was also really hot. And they didn't have any kids shoes....at least not for boys.

Then we headed over to Mallory Square to check out the Sunset shows. The first show out was a young guy named Reed who is a true Conch and very entertaining. He juggles fire batons and K got to help him with the finale trick. He was supposed to throw unlit batons up to Reed as Reed was standing on the folded arms of two big guys out of the crowd. Well, the first baton flew over Reed's head and landed in the water off the dock. That created a new show in and of itself as Reed then had to retrieve the baton. He did this by having the two big guys hold his feet and lower him to the water. K did throw the next 3 batons so that Reed could catch them. It was so much fun and all the boys had a blast.

Quick dinner at IHOP in KW and then back to Marathon. Saw two more key deer on Big Pine but at least these did not run out in front of my car. And back to the rain. I had hoped to take the boys to see the space shuttle launch this week but I don't think the weather is going to be good enough for a liftoff. And it would be a long trip to KSC only to have the launch scrubbed.

We have had a great day and so much fun. Got to QW around 9:15. By 9:25 all the boys had their teeth brushed, potty visits and were sound asleep. I think they might be kinda tired :)

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