December 4, 2010


I always try to spend this particular weekend at QW as it is easier somehow to be here than anywhere else as the anniversary of Ed's death approaches. Memories of him are still so vivid and I can remember and smile (or laugh) over some of the good times we had in our 33 years together.

So many things have changed since he died including our "hometown". As I was making a trip to the post office this morning I was noting some of the changes that have taken place in the past 13 years. Some favorite places are no longer there: Gary's Pub (the last place we watched the SEC championship game) closed a few years ago and has now been razed; the Quay (destroyed by Wilma) and horror of all horrors, Don Pedro's is now Bubba's BBQ! Leigh Ann's Coffee House has moved to a new locale (thank goodness still in business) and we have a new Cuban restaurant El Siboney (and it is good). Publix came to town a few years ago (again thank goodness) and of course Home Depot.

QW has undergone some changes as well and I believe they are all good and Ed would have approved and hopefully he applauded from where he is. I found myself thinking each time I made a change, even painting, would Ed like this? And I find myself thinking, yes he would.

This might be my last visit for a while as friends from Tennessee will be coming in the first week of January and there will be someone here until April. I miss not being able to visit during that time. Perhaps will try to get here at the end of the month but not sure.

The weather here this weekend is absolutely gorgeous and the doors are all open to the fresh air. It's nice to let the fresh air in after the months of having the house all closed up. Have not seen even one iguana so far. Is it too cold for them right now? I can hope they all succumb to the cold can't I?

Our family had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration this year and it was special to have all of us together in one place. I thank God every day that both my girls and their families were able to be there. It is bittersweet for those of us who live so far away. It is hard to see how much my parents have declined after not seeing them for a while. Each holiday has become more special as the years have gone by. I hate to think of not having my mama & daddy in my life. What great memories we made this year.

My heartfelt wish is that all my family and friends have a wonderful holiday season and that the New Year is good to all.