March 26, 2010

Another Anniversary

It has been a good anniversary day with no sadness in my heart. I think that is because I have been babysitting Zane this week and a 2 year old gives you very little time to dwell on anything outside of playing, giving hugs and kisses, and just plain having fun. And I was able to attend one of Todd's T-ball games this week. (Boy, would his grandpa Ed be proud of the way he plays baseball) And of course, spent time with my Kyle (such a big guy now) and little C.

45 years ago today I said "I do" to someone who cannot be here today to celebrate this day with me. I miss Eddie every day but time has a way of making sadness and grief less intense. Don't get me wrong, there are moments when my heart aches and I would love to turn back the clock and have him with me again. But life is not like that. There are twists and turns. Along with happiness will come sadness. But then happiness again.

Even though Eddie could only stay with us for a short time I am so very glad to have had him in my life. If only he could have lived long enough to see all our beautiful grands. He would have been as a great granddad as he was a daddy to my girls.

Was looking at the moon tonight and as always I think of you Eddie. Good night and sleep tight love. You will always be in our hearts.