August 16, 2010

A Great Week

I spent the last 8 days at Quiet Water with Ashley, Kevin and the kiddos. What a great week. Started off with 3 days of rain so there was lots of UNO, movies, and a day in Key West. By Wednesday there was blue sky, a few white clouds and sunshine with each day being better than the last. I kept Miss C some while the rest of the crew went fishing and snorkeling. She and I joined everyone for the sandbar excursions and swimming the "redneck" pool.

Kyle and Todd had a great time tubing. Todd told me "thank you Pappi for letting us use your FAST boat for tubing". He thought it was fast until we started back in from the sandbar and we had a head start on his daddy and his boat passed us by before we got to the first marker at our channel. He 'splained it through: Daddy has two engines and Pappi only has one!

It was so nice to see the Long family have some good times after the hard year they have just gone through. We are looking forward to celebrating Miss C's 1st birthday next weekend and then Kyle's 7th birthday Labor Day weekend. Wow, how can he be 7 and Todd 5 already? Just not possible.

Stopped in to get a quick hug and kiss from Zane and Baird (and their mama & daddy :) before I left FM last evening. Little B is growing so fast and still has that full head of hair. Paige and PG think he likes to eat so much that he overfills his tummy and he has a tendancy to spit up a little after he nurses. Seems to be keeping enough down to be packing on the pounds though.

All of my grands are just beautiful and sweet and they fill my life with such joy.

It was back to reality today. Had an appointment with an orthopedic doc this morning to find out what's going on with my knee. I am terribly afraid they are going to just say it is just age but hope that there is something that can be done. I hate feeling like a handicapped person. MRI on Wednesday...........wish me luck.