December 27, 2009


My trip to Ft. Myers last Wednesday had me bringing Ashley & Carolena home from the hospital. Nary a gift in the car so the scurry began that afternoon with a visit to Edison Mall. I don't like that mall much....I think I am spoiled by the ones in Clearwater/Tampa. Christmas Eve, Zane and I spent a few hours together shopping at Toys R Us and other stores and then I visited a favorite shopping spot, Bell Tower Shopppes, in the afternoon. Marathon wrapping session later all the gifts were wrapped and under the tree.

Christmas morning dawned early (well not really dawn yet) as Kyle came into my room about 3:30 in the morning whispering that Santa had been and gone and left a bunch of "stuff". I made him get back in bed and wait until 5:30. Right on the dot he tells me it's time to get up and "that went by fast". All the noise woke Todd and then they work mama & daddy. We exchanged gifts here and then I was off to Paige & Phil's house to open presents with them. So much fun watching the kids enjoy their Santa gifts. So glad I have 4 little ones to visit on Christmas. So much fun to see Christmas all new through their eyes. BTW, for all my Gator pals, Todd got a Gator football outfit from Santa. Can I just tell you how cute he looks?

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner prepared by Paige. In fact we had the leftovers here at the Long house last night. Paige, Ashley and I had a fun afternoon shopping at Coconut Pointe. It was nice not to have to worry about cooking........I was really tired. Thank you Paige :)

Ashley had her hernia repair surgery today and I think it was a little more than she had expected. She is really sore and has gone to bed for the night and I hope she can rest well. But all went well with the surgery and the doc feels it is a permanent "fix". Kevin took Miss C to St.Pete today for a follow up check and an echo. The fluid is almost GONE and they are backing off some of her meds. Thank the good Lord. So all is all a day of good reports.

Looking forward to the long weekend to celebrate a brand new year 2010. Here's hoping that this coming year will bring health and prosperity to all my family and friends.

December 4, 2009

Quiet Water in December

I am in the Keys this weekend and as always it feels good to be home. The trip down tonight was uneventful and I am glad I am going to be here instead of Clearwater this weekend. The weather here is WARM. When I left Clearwater today the outside temp was 64 degrees and it was raining. When I arrived here @ 9:30 pm it was 79 degrees and there is a full moon and lots of stars in a clear sky. Love it!!!

This is a bittersweet weekend for me in that it was 12 years ago this weekend that Eddie and I came home here for the last time. He died that weekend. Even though I still miss him every day I can always be thankful that he was here when he died in the place on earth that he loved the most. I do regret that our girls were not here but having said that I am also thankful they do not have the scary memories from that night. It took me a long time to get past those memories. That's the bitter part of bittersweet.

The sweet is that I love being here. It is home for me. When I am here I can feel Eddie's spirit everywhere. At first after he died I was not sure how I would feel coming down here .... most especially when I was by myself. I have found I feel safe and at peace. I love sharing our home with family and friends.

I feel in my heart that Eddie is out there somewhere looking out for us.

AND, as always this is the SEC Championship game weekend. GO GATORS!!