November 19, 2008

It's Almost Turkey Day Once Again

This year will be a little different in that I will be traveling to Alabama the weekend before Thanksgiving and will be there the entire week. Ashley, Kyle and Todd are going to be driving up with me and I know the GG's are so excited. There is something about having little people in the house that makes a holiday so much more fun. Kevin will be flying up on Wednesday.

Now if only my Daddy will not keep the heat up to 110 degrees....bless his heart he just gets so cold. I guess I will be taking one suitcase with shorts and tee shirts and one with jeans and sweaters. Sigh.....

Paige, PG and Zane are traveling to Hope Town to spend the holiday with his dad and stepmom. I know they are going to have a great visit. Zane is just such a sweet little boy and so much fun to be around. And I know Paige & PG are going to have such a good time showing him off to everyone. Safe travels to you!!

We are not going to miss seeing the last Gator home game this weekend. Ashley, the boys and I will be stopping over in G'ville for at least part of the game. It's always a little sad when this time of year arrives and we have to find another way to entertain ourselves on Saturday. FSU game is in Tallahassee and then off to Hot'lanta for the SEC championship game against Alabama. Been there, done that before. It is going to be fun to watch these two teams go head to head.

Safe and happy Thanksgiving to all who might check in to my blog.

November 5, 2008

Election 2008

Very mixed emotions from people I have spoken to today regarding the election of our next president. The ones of us who suffered through the JFK and Jimmy Carter years are more than a little skeptical about the outcome of this one. Not that I could say that I was 100% behind John McCain but the issues being spouted by "Barama" are just way too out there for me.

Our country was founded on Christian principles and we have been considered the greatest country in the world for hundreds of years. Everyone wanted to come here to live and that was OK if those people came here to work and make a life, however, in the last decade or so the integrity of our country has been compromised. We are now more a country of people who expect to be taken care of.......I see it every day in my industry. We are an entitlement society.

Now we have elected a person who proclaims to be an American but he must be of the new breed of American because in my America the president will salute our flag, put his hand over his heart when the national anthem is played and honors the fighting men and women over which he is commander-in-chief.

It seems that our younger generation is OK with our country becoming a socialist nation. National health care....what a joke. Why do people from other countries want to come here for medical care if the care in their country is so great? Why are the members of the younger generations expecting the government to take care of them? What happened to working for the things you want and the life you want to lead? I have worked hard since I was 18 years old to be able to have the things I want in life. Somehow it seems really unfair that government thinks that my hard earned income should be mega taxed to pay for freebie programs for people who don't want to work. Many people come to our country, work hard and become very successful. People who are born in this country seem to have a hard time with the concept of hard work for what they want....they have a gimme for free attitude.

Sorry to be such a downer on this post but I am truly blue today. Hopefully tomorrow will be be a better day for me.