December 8, 2008

Happy Gator Nation

The Gators have again made it to the National Championship game and it is in Miami!! Just a few hours away you say. Well it might as well be in California for most of us trying to make it to the game. We are hoping to be able to score tickets (for Paige & Ashley) and am disappointed that more tickets are not allotted to the schools. Out of the 73,000+ tickets, only 32,000 are given to the schools. Where oh where do those other tickets go? But, if not we will all be gathered around a TV somewhere to watch our Gators take on the Sooners. Welcome back to Florida Bobby!!!

What a game in Atlanta last weekend. Alabama certainly came to play. It was close and exciting and SEC football at it's best. It's hard to watch your team lose a big game......been there and done that....many times. It is a lot more fun when you win and this time it was our turn.

Side note: We have a new employee at our office. Today was her first day. Would you believe she grew up in Greenville, AL? not 12 miles from my home town? Once we have time to sit and talk a little we will see if we know any of the same people. She is a BIG Alabama fan so she scowled a little at my orange and blue outfit and Gator jewelry. Unfortunately she is really outnumbered in our office.

Good luck Gators....make us proud!!

December 4, 2008

No Title

Thanksgiving in Fort D was so much fun. The weather on Turkey Day was just glorious and thankfully so. It is really difficult to cram 30+ people into the little house on Coleman Road. And by the way, when did the name change from Mt Willing Rd??

Sunday, the first weekend, my Aunt Melba had a bad car accident. She has 5 broken ribs and a large hematoma on her forehead. She has been recuperating at my cousin Beverly's home and is feeling much better.

After a week's visit we started back to Florida on Saturday morning and that is the day it started to rain. It rained most of the trip to Tallahassee, it poured water the entire UF/FSU game, and it continued to rain on us as we traveled south on Sunday to Clearwater and Ft Myers. Ashley did a marvelous job of was nice not to have to drive on this trip... and we arrived safely home.

Then we started to get some more bad news. We think my daddy had another TIA early Sunday morning. He seems much better now but it is so scary for my mama when this happens. On Wednesday my Aunt Bill died. I know she was at peace and was ready but we were not ready to let her go. She will be missed so much.

I am so thankful to have gotten to see Aunt Bill, Uncle Max & Aunt Beth this trip. I love all my aunts and uncles and it's hard to have them leave us one by one.I have so many wonderful memories of family gatherings and special events. We have a very close family and I feel so blessed especially when I encounter others who don't have that closeness with their families.