January 28, 2008


I spent the past weekend in Fort Myers with 3 handsome boys and their parents. I have to tell you that the older ones keep me laughing with their antics and little Zane with the expressions he puts on his face.

On my way down south Ashley radioed me and then called me back so that Kyle and I could chat. We talked a few minutes and then he asked me if I wanted to talk with Todd. That is not what I heard........I will blame that on road noise and the cell phone.....what I heard was are you coming to see Todd tonight too? I said yes, see you in a little while, love you/bye.....just as Kyle handed the phone to Todd. Well at that point I had already hung up on little Todd. Ashley called back and said that Todd was in the back just telling me all about the Green cards he got at school. Finally he realized I wasn't there and handed the phone to his mama and told her "she no want to talk to me"!! They called back and I had to apologize to my little munchkin. Ashley found it to be quite amusing.

Kyle still has a scar under his noise from kissing the concrete when he had his skateboarding accident. Makes me feel somewhat guilty for giving him the board for Christmas. I told Ashley she needs to do a new post to her blog as I can't bear to look at his sweet face all beat up.

Zane is growing fast like all babies will do. He still has a head full of black hair and is smiling a little. Apparently he is going to be a thinker (not stinker!) as he just studies your face when you are talking with him and depending on whether he likes what you are saying or not he will smile or put on a pouty face.

It is cold here in Clearwater. It was supposed to be high 60s today but didn't get past 58. Hopefully it will warm up in the next day or so. I hate cold weather and just want to hibernate. I try to remember that it is much colder in a lot of other places but that's hard to do when my fingers, toes and nose are COLD. Summertime is just around the corner and I can assure you that I don't complain about the hot weather.....just hate that the warm brings the storms.

January 19, 2008

Weekend in Clearwater

It's hard for me not to get in my car every Friday afternoon and head down to Fort Myers to spend time with all my kids (big and little). It has been a typical weekend in Clearwater in that I have spent my entire day cleaning the apartment. How can one little space get so dirty? Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but cold. Perhaps will be a day to do browse some antique shops.

I bought a new vacuum cleaner last night as my 25 year old one finally bit the dust. Or I guess I should say it wouldn't bite the dust anymore. The new vacuum is one of those jobs that doesn't use bags. Omigosh, i was appalled when I finished with my bedroom (where the cats are not even allowed to roam) but I was disgusted after I finished the living area where the cats do live. I collected enough hair to make a 3 or 4 pound fake cat. I guess the old vacuum was in really bad shape long before it said "no more!!!"

I finally got out about 2:30 to run some errands and just finished up and gotten back here before the BAD storms came rolling in. It's the first time I can ever remember there being 3 tornado warning areas at one time. Fortunately I was in the middle of two and got no wind but it has rained, thank the Lord, and is still raining. Hopefully this is going to help our drought. It was scary but exciting to watch Baynews 9 and see the clouds moving across......it was booking it and that's a good thing for us as the winds didn't stay over us long. There were some waterspouts off Madeira Beach and tornado spotted in New Port Richey.

My building has a lot of vacant apartments right now. As of today I have no one on either side or below me. I do, however, have Heather and Murphy living upstairs. Murphy is a BIG dog who loves to run and play....on top of my head as it were. Heather likes to play music with a loud bass so I never feel all alone. There is always noise.

In case you were thinking about it....don't rent the movie El Cantante (the one with JLo and Marc) It is pretty awful.

January 5, 2008

Holiday Blessings

It was supposed to be a holiday season with a schedule HOWEVER after getting a phone call @ work on December 12th, letting me know that my newest grandson would make his appearance that evening, all schedules were out the door. But I now know that I can kick things into high gear and do a fine job!!

I got to my apartment about 4:30, literally threw a bunch of clothes into a couple of suitcases, left the cats 3 bowls of food, 3 bowls of water and 4 litter boxes (thankfully had picked up all their stuff the day before)and jumped back in my car for the trip to Fort Myers. I arrived at the hospital @ about 7:50 all in one piece....I promised the girls I would be careful but didn't promise not to speed. At 9:13 Zane was born into our family and what an absolutely adorable little boy. What a wonderful way to start my holiday season with my family.

Another highlight of the trip was being able to attend Kyle's Christmas program. He made us all so proud. He had the last speaking part of the day and he did a great job. We were able to spend a little time in the classrooms with the boys for their parties. Kyle and Todd learned a lot of Christmas carols and they especially love Jingle Bells and give an emphatic "Hey!" after the verses. There is nothing sweeter than listening to their little voices singing.

Todd's new goodnight routine is a hug and a kiss and then he grabs your face and plants one on your forehead. How cute is that? He is cathing up with his brother in weight but Kyle is getting really tall. They both are growing up so fast. Todd did let me rock him a couple of times on this trip........I was missing that. Now I also have Zane and he LOVES to rock.

There was so much fun during the 3 weeks I was in Fort Myers with my family it would be difficult to make note of everything. Festival of Lights @ the Edison home, Christmas dinner, boating, spending time with my grands (and their moms/dads),New Year's dinner(it was put together in a hurry and was delicious)and of course seeing DeAnn to have my hair done! I can't remember when I have enjoyed a holiday so much. And I came back feeling so good......I had forgotten how good it feels to feel good.

I am truly blessed..........