August 16, 2011

Family Vacation 2011

What a great week we had at QW. For the first few days all 10 of us were in residence. The very first time we have ALL been together in the Keys. Fortunately we all still fit but I might have to eventually invest in bunk beds as the grands get bigger.

Paige, Phil, Zane and Baird left on Monday but not before Phil made a wonderful picture of our family. Can't wait to get a copy of it to frame. I really wish they could have stayed the rest of the week but am thankful they got to be there for a few days.

We picked the right week to spend time in the Keys as the weather was really stinky back in Fort Myers and in Tampa. There was only one day that we had bad weather so we decided to travel down to KW which was a good move as they had all the sunshine down there. Kyle and Todd got to show mama and daddy THE TOY FACTORY! And we took in the sunset celebration at Mallory Square after dinner at Pepe's.

Lots of boating, fishing and time at the sandbar. And everyone loves the pool at Sunset Grill. Thanks to friend Alan and Kevin there were lobsters and grouper for dinner on Thursday night and some lobster for the Longs to bring home. So many wonderful memories.

No one wanted to leave to come back home when Saturday arrived. We talked about playing hookey so we could stay a few more days but reality finally won out because Kyle and Todd had to be in school on Monday. Kyle and Todd rode with me to take Sook back to the marina (I let them captain the boat in the canals and they are really doing well) Early Saturday morning, with the house all cleaned up/closed up Kevin & Ashley left on the Stringer N Up and the boys and Carolena and I started out in the car for our ride home.

Everyone arrived safely and we are already looking forward to our next trip.

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Laura McCann said...

And football season is upon us so hopefully there will be many opportunities to tailgate and cheer on the team!
Glad you had such a great vacation together. You all have had such a tough two years and so deserved to have an enjoyable break from it all.
Love you bunches!