July 12, 2011

Vacation Is Over But The Memories Remain

This week I have really missed my boys. Last week just flew by and it was time to leave QW in no time. We went back to Fort Myers on Friday so that we could attend my favorite 1 year old boy's birthday party on Saturday. What a great party and it was really nice to catch up with some old friends who attended. We shared many memories of other trips to the Keys and laughed and laughed. I surely do miss Eddie when I relive some of those memories. Seems like yesterday we were all there together having fun.

Getting back to work has been hard this week since I came back with a really bad allergy attack which has caused me to have laryngitis for the past two days. Thank goodness I communicate with my clients mostly by email.

The weather this week has been rainy which is good news for all of us. We need much more rain but what a great start to the rainy season. I love having it rain a little every day and hope the big storms stay well away from us. The last two days at QW there was almost 2 inches of rainfall every day but they say that was not nearly what is needed. At least the wildfires have been put out!

The one regret I had while at QW was the fact that I never was able to get my daddy down there for a visit. He wanted to go so badly but it just never worked out. I am sure he can look down on the Keys from his heavenly home and enjoy the beauty. I miss you daddy and I miss you Eddie. Loved you both with all my heart.

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Laura McCann said...

Pat, hugs, hugs, and more hugs! I know it must be so bittersweet missing those special, important men being here to share those moments. Daddy could have gone with you to the Keys, but he wouldn't go without Mama and that was his choice. I miss him a great deal too. I knew that I would, but I guess I miss him more than I expected.
I am so glad you are able to make such special memories with the boys and maybe soon, Carolena will be able to join the mix. What fun that will be!
Love you and hope your voice returns soon.